Keep on rocking!!
– Dave Evans

Dave Evans is the legend of rock music in Australian history. Dave has never stopped contributing to the development and success of metal rock in Australia and the world. At the age of 64, he was still singing, working, and releasing his products.

What a legend!

But even when you are a great fan of AC/DC, you may not know clearly about Dave Evans: his life, his career, and his points of view. This summary bio will give some information that you would love to know about Dave’s life. Is he a true legend? How did he form AC/DC band? Why did he leave the very first successful band in his career?

Let’s find out the answers now!

Dave Evans Early Life

Dave Evans was born in 20 July 1953 (age 66). He is an Australian singer and living in the land of kangaroos, but well, he was born in Wales – a small island country near England. He was five years old when his family moved to Australia to settle down.

He lived in Queensland city of Townsville and Charters Towers before moving to live in Sydney. The most interesting here is that Dave had his own band in Charters Towers when he was only seventeen. Yes, you do not hear it wrong. Founding a band at that age was not a simple thing. But Dave could, and this was just the beginning.


How did he form AC/DC band?


It seemed that Dave had an eternal passion for rock music since his teenage. After forming “In Session” band in Charters Towers, Dave helped found another band in Sydney with Colin Burgess, Larry van Kriedt, and Malcolm Young. The rest was history.

Angus – a younger brother of Malcolm – joined later, and the name "AC/DC" finally came up with the implication of "energy and power." Actually, this name was the idea of Malcolm and the sister-in-law of Angus – Sandra. They didn’t know this name would become a phenomenon in Australia and worldwide.

Why did Dave leave AC/DC?

If you listen to AC/DC in the late 1980s, you may only know Bon Scott, who was considered the most successful and suitable vocalist of the band. But hold on, there was an original lead singer who played an essential role in the early success of AC/DC – Dave Evans. What happened to this guy when AC/DC began to get famous?

"I was not getting paid."

You can guess who claimed it in the interviews. Yes, it was Dave Evans.

As AC/DC was getting more popular in Australia after the two big hits “Can I Sit Next To You Girl?" & "Rocking In The Parlour," they went on a massive national tour. They first began in Sydney and then, spread all around Australia that there was a time the band performed three shows a day.

They showed up widely on TV and radio, but they didn’t get the money. Dave had an intense argument with his former manager before punching him to end up their relationship. Dave didn’t get paid at all after the tour as he left and found his new way.


After AC/DC

How was Dave Evans after the separation with AC/DC?

Of course, Dave did not start his solo career right after breaking up with AC/DC. He joined the number 1st rock band in Newcastle – Rabbit and gained quite a success with the very first album, "Too Much Rock And Roll."

During this time, the album was a big hit that it was shown popularly on television shows and radio.

It was also distributed in many other countries: France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. However, the success of the band didn’t last long as two members left, which ended up with the fold of Rabbit in 1978.

A long time later, Dave went together with Thunder Down Under. They also worked a couple of years before the Australian singer decided to pursue an acting career.

How did Dave Evans – AC/DC start his solo career?

As mentioned above, Dave still went on his singing way with Thunder Down Under, but left the band soon after a couple of years. He found a new way in solo career and worked for years since then.

It was not until 2000 that Dave was invited to perform at a night show, which was the 20th-anniversary memorial show for Bon Scott. The live performance was recorded with new and old songs of Dave Evans featuring AC/DC, which included two big hits “Can I Sit Next To You, Girl?” & “Rockin' In The Parlour."

This was one of Dave’s milestones as he went on performing in Europe and the USA as a solo singer after his first album was released in 2001. Since then, he had worked for a couple of products: Sinner (2004), Judgement Day (2008), Nothing to Prove (2014), What about Tomorrow (2014), Wild (2017).

What was the most special solo album by Dave Evans?

“A hell of a night” – Definitely.

a Hell of Night Dave Evans

Well, we must say this was the very first album in Dave’s solo career, while it was live recorded.

The idea came up when the former AC/DC vocalist was invited to be a special guest and sang with Thunderstruck – the Melbourne AC/DC tribute band. The product was released in 2001 by Perris Records. It also marked a big step to the new way of Dave after the ups and downs he had gone through.

“A hell of a night” features some greatest hits of AC/DC. “Can I sit next to you, girl?” and “Rockin’ in the Parlour” are the two singles when Dave was with his former rock band in Sydney. Meanwhile, the biggest hit of all time "High way to hell," which was performed successfully by Bon Scott, was also included.

What Fans Say


“Dave was born to be a rock star. He will never turn back or give up his passion. “A hell of a night” is an excellent album by former AC/DC lead singer Dave Evans” – Richard Brown reviewed on the first album of Dave.

“Dave is the one inspire me to follow my Rock path as a bass player, I never forget the first time I tweaked the volume effect pedal with my bass. Our band were quite famous in our hometown at that time. Now I am continue pass my passion to others through by blog” – Kevin – Founder & Author of MusicalStudy

“If only you could watch Dave perform once in a lifetime, you would know why he has been loved so much” – Daniel Clark said in a fan interview.

Did he still release a new album at the age of 64?


Yes, of course. You may be surprised, but we, the fan of Dave, are not. His eternal and robust passion for rock music is one of the reasons that keep him on track. Though he was cited for holding wild parties, savage activities full of drugs after shows when working with Rabbit, he was still functional to sing, scream, and shout at the age of 64.

Indeed, Dave released his latest album “Wild” in 2017 with a Norwegian band. Though there are just a few songs, we can feel his smoky specific voice that is unmistakable.
“It was absolutely amazing. He was a true legend of hard rock music. I mean, who can still rock n’ roll at the age of 64. Unbelievable!” - John Mayers on the new album of Dave Evans.

Dave Evans – AC/DC is a rock legend of all time. He's got the strong smoky voice, hipster style, and "sexy" look. Though he has gone through ups and downs in his robust career, he's still got the eternal passion with rock music that everyone must admire.