Dave Evans recorded the first two songs of AC/DC “Baby Please Don’t Go” and “Can I Sit Next To You Girl”. However, nearly a year since the band’s inception, he left the band in Oct, 1974.

At the beginning of this month, he wrote a post on Facebook to dispel rumors that say he wanted to return the band. The ex-vocalist explained the band’s real essence died when AC/DC’s founder and guitar player Malcolm Young died in Nov, 2017.

According to the post, Evans didn’t plan to come back to the band as the singer. In his opinion, Malcolm was the music genius, the inspiration, and the motivation of the band since the group was first established.

That’s why the band’s real essence also went away with the death of Malcolm. Without him, the band could not be what it used to be. However, Evans still expressed his wish that the band would achieve new success.

When joining a radio show at D99 – 98.9FM in Monterrey, Mexico, he shared his 2020 plans. According to his talk, he is full of shows next year.

He has been working harder than ever, and he considered his career will bloom in the following year. More notably, he will release his new album at the beginning of next year. Additionally, he has finished up his Latin American tour called “Lightning & Thunder”.

Also, he has joined shows everywhere such as Panama, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina, some of which he recorded live. It is known that the new album will be available at the beginning of next year. He is preparing for the album now.

And the hot news is that he could record it in Mexico, he just discussed with some members of his Mexico-based band named BADASSES about this two days ago.

Last August, he said he could write the story about AC/DC’s early if there is an appropriate publisher offering him an advance.

As per his talk with The Metal Voice, many will want this book. The band’s initial twelve months was amazing, which was full of events. He said a host of fans wanted him to write the story about these events as he was the only person that can do this.

He continued were the appropriate publisher approach and offer an advance, he would accept to write the book. He believed that fans would be definitely into it, whose story was never told before.

And the story should mention many people, especially important ones in this first year. He once again stated it was an incredible story and he was a part of it.

AC/DC Dave Evans

At the beginning of the year, in an interview with Wales Online, he told that there were many things happening when he was in AC/DC. They gained their first record, gigs, tour, three bassists, they performed in several Australia’s biggest venues. He claimed that this was such a wonderful time.

Continuing his talk, he said at that time the band’s members were always extremely ambitious. They wanted to show what they had got to the world. Although they did various shows, they did NOT get any money.

The manager earned a lot of dollars, but they didn’t. They starved. So they had a meeting with the manager one night to deal with the issue. But nothing changed, then he left the band after completing the tour.
In 1974, Bon Scott took up Evans’ position.

Bon sang on the first six albums of the band and turned into a giant after he died in 1980.

Talking about Bon, he said he didn’t have any problem with him. Bon had a chance to replace him in the position of frontman for the band. Evans described Bon as a cool rock & roller.

Additionally, he thought Bon was hard like him and though he was much older than Evans, they both struggled to deal with challenges during adulthood.

Furthermore, he stated his former team members of the band didn’t recognize his contribution in the early days of AC/DC. They pretended in the interviews that one of the founding members since day one was Bon Scott.

It turned out to be that there had been a lot of things going on before he joined the band. He continued the band, in fact, had got through 2 bassists, 3 drum players, and a host of managers at that time.

And all the things that Bon did later on the stage with the ban such as putting Angus on the shoulders to carry around and taking off the shirt, were just nicked off him.

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