AC/DC ex-vocalist Dave Evans appeared on an interview of series “Live Wire With Lady Spitfire”, which airs every week and concentrates on the indie band over the world.

Here is the chat:

Regarding the musical works of the band since Evans was no longer a member, he said that he had not tracked the band for more than years and he had his own career. He stated that he still heard some hits of the band, however, he didn’t own any certain albums of them.

Additionally, as per his sharing, he did not follow any specific band. Instead, he just saw various cover bands all over the world and he also grasps their music through these bands. He welcomed all the songs of all genres.

Also, as he was busy, he couldn’t write any of his own work and play his badass rock.

At the beginning of 2012, Evans cooperated with musician/songwriter David Mobley in the extended play “What About Tomorrow”, which is an entirely new and peculiar combination of acoustical grandeur, soft rock, and hard rock, as per a statement.

Here is the tracklisting of “What About Tomorrow”:

1. What About Tomorrow
2. Tell Me A Lie
3. Hot Acoustic Nite
4. Be Your Last Kiss
5. Here I Come

AC/DC EX-Vocalist

Seasoned musicians/songwriter David Mobley, Jonathan Pugh, and Cliff Turpin were authors of these five tracks.

You can check out the music video of the title song “What About Tomorrow” below. It takes you – the audiences straight into the world headlines of today and places in which all of us headed should things not improve early.

Rock ballad “Tell Me A Lie” shows Evans’ softer side, which is the song that many listeners can involve in.

“Hot Acoustic Nite” song is a great special and entwined combination of rock guitar and acoustic with wonderful lyrics to come with.

“Be Your Last Kiss” appears to be a soft ballad and then becomes full-blown rock, which actually spreads a message among people. Definitely, the track shows different vocal styles of Evans.

“Here I Come” by far is the EP’s darkest song. It is the style that the trademark vocals of Evans are famous for.

For further information, Dave Evans used to be an AC/DC member from the establishment of the band in 1973, but he left one year later.

After that, he founded a new rock band named RABBIT with wild hedonistic style, Dave Evans And Thunder Down Under and Dave Evans and Hot Cockerel. He has been touring in recent years as a soloist.

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