On 16 August, Anthrax’s ex-vocalist Neil Turbin and AC/DC’s former frontman Dave Evans had a talk at the Whisky, LA.

On that day, Evans shared about his tours in the South and North of America, AC/DC’s establishment, its early days, achievements, and his withdrawal from the group.

On the first success of AC/DC

Evans shared that in the early days, they were a true band, and every member is equal to each other.

And they first began gigging the Easybeats’ George Young star’s older brother Malcolm, was the guy of Artists and Repertoire for the new publishing company named Albert Musing, alongside Harry Vanda. He added George appeared at the rehearsal of the band.

He then agreed to take responsibility for the band’s record. Accordingly, Harry and George released the first single/record called “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” of AC/DC. The song soon became a hit and quickly climbed up several rankings.

Notably, the single was honored as the best song of the year of a band in Australia. At the time, the group gained high popularity with large-scale tours in the country. They also collaborated with famous Lou Reed to perform in the same stage.

On the first success of AC/DC

About the departure from AC/DC

Speaking about his leaving, Evans said he left AC/DC as he had not got paid although his band had to do many shows per day, even three sometimes. No money was given to them when they joined shows on radio and TV.

Another reason is the dissatisfaction with the band’s third manager. He added at that time, he ran up various bills such as apartment rental in Sydney, and loan for buying his car, but he got no money from his work. So one night, the band met the manager to deal with this issue.

But this guy smart-mouthed Evans, so he couldn’t bear punching him. Then as he hadn’t received any money from the tour, he decided to withdraw from the band.

Plan to write AC/DC’s early days book

He showed his aspiration that he would write the book about AC/DC’s early days if any appropriate publisher approached and advanced him. Fans would be into the story, which has not been told before, he claimed.

Note: Check out video both Neil Turbin and Dave Evans performed “Highway To Hell” at the Whisky when the interview ended.

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