If you are a big fan of the Welsh-born Australian singer and AC/DC, you must be impressed by Dave Evans discography both in-band and solo. But after reading this article, you will totally agree that Dave Evans has done well in his solo career.

The former member of AC/DC has been working hard and flourishing when standing alone and singing for himself.

Six solo albums released since 2001 are what we can tell about his solo path. All are great products, but here are the best solo albums of Dave Evans that you need to know. Let’s see if there is your favourite one.

1. A hell of a night (2001)

Undoubtedly, this was the most memorable album in Dave Evans discography as it was live recorded.

Live recorded? Really?

Yes, you do not hear wrong. The former vocalist of AC/DC performed two songs which were recorded previously with his old band – “Can I Sit Next To You” and “Rockin’ In The Parlour” on a night show.

That night was especially the memorial concert for Bon Scott, and on the 20th anniversary of his death, the full album was released.

The product was featured by Rohan Moran as the lead guitarist, Simon Croft as the rhythm guitarist, and Dave Ross as the bass guitarist.

With Melbourne AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck, Dave Evans had a sensational night and performed totally eight songs of AC/DC. “A hell of a night” was also the first solo album of Dave.

2. Sinner (2004)

Sinner (2004)

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Continuing the success of “A hell of a night”, Dave Evans, three years later, released a real “bomb” into the hard rock community – “Sinner”.

That smoky voice, enthusiastic performance, metal rock and rough style could say it all. Dave came back with the second solo album in his career, featuring his Australian bandmates.

If you expect a polished and refined product, then “Sinner” is not for you. This album featured hard and raw material which was unpolished and not well-edited. We’re sure these rough songs will rock you to the top as your head won’t have time to rest.

What Dave wanted to convey in “Sinner” were woman, drunk, and rock’n’roll. Yes, it was so meaningful yet simple that he didn’t try much to show his point of view.

“Sinner” also hit at every festival for bikers. They can’t miss this metal and rough material to start their engines and enjoy the party.

3. Wild (2017)

Wild (2017)

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At the age of 64, Dave could do a thing that not many singers could –contributing to rock music and releasing a brand new album.

“Wild” was the collaboration between the Australian vocalist and a Norwegian band after his world tour in Norway. The new combination offered a new style for fans who love the former member of AC/DC.

Though there are just four songs in the album, it’s worth listening and being “obsessed”. You cannot help singing along with the rocking tunes over and over again even though you have heard just one time.

Wrapping up

Dave Evans discography is impressive and admirable. You can hardly see someone at that age but still continuing their singing career.

Well, in that case, Dave can. He is among the people who have contributed and developed metal rock on a new level. What are you waiting for? Let’s play Dave’s songs and get rock!