Canadian The Metal Voice’s Jimmy Kay had a talk with Dave Evans, a former singer of AC/DC.

In this talk, Dave Evans told AC/DC establishment, his list that he set for his global tour, the stages he performed with the band AC/DC, as well as the works he composed with this band. Additionally, he debunked many myths of AC/DC Bon Scott and Angus Young.

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And here are Evans answers to questions:

The list of songs for his global tour

He stated that the collection comprises of early songs of the band that he wrote with other members of AC/DC, coupled with some classic tracks of Bon Scott. He added he would ad his own works as well.

Accordingly, the audiences of this global tour will have chance to enjoy the band’s iconic rock songs of old days as well as new ones from Evans’ albums, along with 1-2 classic rock.

AC/DC formation

As per Dave Evans, he had known of the celebrity George Young’s younger brother Malcolm Young coming from Australian rock band the Easybeats.

He contacted with the one who were seeking a singer with Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, and Free through an advertisement in the newspaper Sydney Herald, namely Malcolm. Answering the phone, he realized Dave Evans and he knew about Evans from his bands.

They appeared to be into the similar music. Therefore, Evans decided to go to Newtown to meet Malcolm and other members of his band.

All of them were happy when meeting each other. Then they decided to establish a band. After one week, Malcolm asked Angus, his little brother and a member of Kentucky band to audition for them.

Everyone all agreed and Angus ultimately auditioned. They liked this guy, and then the band had five members. However, at that time, the band was not named yet. But later, they got a show, which required the members to think of their band name.

This is the time the name AC/DC was born as suggested by Malcolm’s sister in law.

The number of songs that he recorded when he was in AC/DC band

He shared that he composed a host of songs to serve the band’s first commercial album. Later, the band had another member Bon Scott who re-recorded all the songs Evans made popular already.

Which songs Evans wrote and recorded with the band

“Fell in Love” was one of the songs he wrote, whose lyrics was rewritten by Bon Scott. The song name then turned into “Love Song”. However, AC/DC made Evans’ variant popular live.

Another song was Sunset Strip which was changed its lyrics and name to “Show Business” by Bon Scott.

Evans added “Rockin in the Parlor” and “Can I sit next to you Girl” were two songs that AC/DC recorded in their first time to the studio. Interestingly, they were all composed by Malcolm, but the members did not know about them until they went to the studio.

Additionally, Evans recorded “Rock and Roll Singer”, which Malcolm composed about him instead of Bon Scott, along with “Little Lover” and “Soul Stripper” that time as well.

According to Evans, he hadn’t heard those songs until they were recorded in that studio. Basically, the band recorded above songs from scratch with no one knowing them. Then they performed them in their live set.

Explained the myth 16 year-old Angus was still going to school when joining the band

In fact, Angus was a 19-year-old boy already. The band faked his real age to 16 because of his young look. George Young at that time wanted them to be different from others in Australia.

Then Angus was asked to wear an outfit of school boy since they, at that time, had various school gigs. And his sister made the uniform for him.
Evans concluded Angust was not in school, and he was already 19 and got a job.

Where he sang all the songs he recorded with the band

In a response to the question, he seemed to be not sure about the place. He gave unclear answers which were a record and/or a publishing business. Besides, he added “Baby please don’t go” that they performed received prolonged praise from the audience.

That was the time Evans put Angus on hís shoulders although they hadn’t written that song. He said it had been their arrangement.

The popularity they gained when Evans in AC/DC

Evans affirmed that they became a famous band in the country of kangaroo. One of their biggest hit was “Can I sit next to you girl”, which was quite popular in various states, played for a long time on radio, and enter the top 5 songs of the country.

He expressed his pride for the song, considered the best song of 1974 in Australia. He claimed that AC/DC was actually popular at that time even before Bon Scott took part in the band.

Explained the myth Bon Scott was a driver of the band and a drum player prior to participating in

Evans affirmed Bon Scott was not the driver or the drum player of AC/DC. He was a George Young’s friend only and used to hand out with them.

Explained the myth Angus once forced him to leave a stage

He claimed this was just Malcolm’s joke when he joined a TV program. It was wrong. Angus was really important to him.

Dave Evans Uncover Myths About Bon Scott & Angus Young

Talked about Bon Scott at that time

Evans considered Bon was a lucky guy when joining an extremely famous band as AC/DC. A good enough teammate, he described, and no hassle between them.

According to Evans, Bon was born in the 1960s. He was 29 years old at that time which was old when others are 21. He said Bon was similar to a hippie.

Evans added before Bon did a good job for joining AC/DC, Bon had ended his career, as his band Fraternity had broken up. He continued to describe Bon as a good actor.

He said when Bon was in the first band the Valentines, as it was a pop band, he wore satin outfit and successfully performed in pop style. Evans gave various examples to prove Bon was a actor who could perform in different roles.

For instance, when he became a member of Fraternity in the age of hippie, he also managed to appear as a Hippie. Then after joining rock band AC/DC, he became a rocker. As per Evans, Bon really maneuvered show business.

Why? Because he got what he needed to do to meet requirements and he also had some his own great songs.

Dave Evans used to be a AC/DC member from the establishment of the band in 1973, but he left one year later.

After that, he founded a new rock band named RABBIT with wild hedonistic style, Dave Evans And Thunder Down Under and Dave Evans and Hot Cockerel. He has been touring in recent years as a soloist.

Here are tour dates in Canada informed up to now

April 25 2019: Montreal, Quebec – PetitCampus
April 26 2019: Toronto, Ontario – The Rockpile
May 2, 2019: Rouyn Noranda, Quebec – Evolu-Son

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